Amazon Studios

Screening at SDCC


To get 1,000 Comic-Con attendees to the official premiere of the Man In The High Castle at an Amazon chosen venue that had never been used before at Comic-Con located 1 mile from the convention center.

Oversee all creative and decor elements both inside and outside the theater, orchestrate a red carpet live interview taping with cast, and coordinate logistics between the theater and live streaming production teams (broadcast on Entertainment Weekly’s website).


Develop social and guerrilla tactics to engaged attendees where they sleep, eat, and commute to encourage attendance. Tactics included:

  • Partner with the San Diego Metro Authority to create 5,000 ‘’Free Ride” tickets for attendees to go to and from the screening.
  • Aid the orchestration of 12,000 hotel door hangers containing “Premiere Screening Passes” in Gaslamp Hotels.
  • Attire 30 models with detailed 1960’s period piece costumes (hat, gloves, dress, shoes, earrings, bags) to distribute the Premiere Screening Passes outside off-site panels, events, lunch hot spots, and attendee transit areas.


  • Over 1,200 attendees watched the world premiere of the Man In The High Castle