Amazon Studios

Hand of God
Roaming Rons at Comic-Con


Launch the new Amazon original series Hand of God at Comic-Con promoting the lead actor Ron Perlman and the serious themes of the show.


CR worked with a professional mask developer to create 20 detailed Ron Perlman masks from a lay mold to the finishing touches of facial hair and moles.

We armed 20 “Ron Perlman’s with large “protest signs” that posed the serious questions and themes of the show to attendees.

The “Ron Perlman’s” engaged with attendees in high traffic areas around the Gaslamp and outside off-site panels to get their video taped opinions on how they would handle some of the issues the main character encountered in season one.


  • 2,130 posts with over 33MM social and PR impressions
  • The actor Ron Perlman intermingled with the masked versions of himself at a press conference saying it was his favorite promotion for a television show he has done