East Dane
Men’s Fashion Week


Create a footprint at Men’s Fashion Week that was relevant to attendees while promoting East Dane social channels.


CR created an East Dane social media template that incorporated East Dane fashion pics with the latest Instagram pics and tweets from their social platforms.

During Men’s Fashion Week, our Producer on-site would seamlessly cut between the East Dane social template and the live feed from runway shows.

The social template was displayed on an oversized 8’ monitor within a 16’ tall x 24’ custom-built wall that also housed the latest fashion magazines and Men’s Fashion Week schedules / information.


  • A visually engaging consumer experience that seamlessly changed between the images and tweets on the East Dane social wall to the live runway shows
  • The East Dane activation area became a busy gathering area for attendees to catch the latest runway shows, get Men’s Fashion Week information, and see the latest fashion styles and opinions on the social wall