Son of Zorn
Mount Zephyria at SDCC


To launch FOX Fall series premiere of Son of Zorn.


Fans had the chance to test their courage and endurance as they climbed to the top of the Mount Zephyria Rock Wall, then free falling 20 feet in the air onto an inflatable stunt bag. An animated GIF was captured of each consumer which could be shared socially onsite.

Consumers had the chance to mount a 10-foot animated cut out of the Death Hawk to take photos after their victory climbing the wall.

Fans were also given Son of Zorn goblets and foam swords as takeaways to add to their costumes.


  • Social Metrics with #SonOfZorn from Twitter and Instagram
    • 23,291,386 reach
    • 59,082,554 impressions
  • 2,427 fans conquered Mount Zephyria and shared their GIF socially
  • 2,565 fans got their exclusive photo with the Death Hawk
  • Wait times to enter the space exceeded two hours, making this activation one of the most popular sites in the Bayfront Park Lawn and at San Diego Comic Con overall
  • FOX and 30+ media outlets featured the experience. Including Hollywood Reporter, BizBash, & Good Nerd Bad Nerd