The X-Files
UFO Crash at The Grove

2016 Ex Award Winner for Best P.R. Stunt


To create a socially shareable moment in support of the return of The X-Files on FOX


CR “crashed” a 25’ x 16’ UFO into the center of The Grove in LA creating a branded experience that was captured on national TV, general and trade media outlets, and shared across social platforms.

An on-site partnership with Sprinkles bakery encouraged consumers to upload a picture of themselves with the UFO and #TheXFiles to receive a complimentary X-Files branded cupcake.

CR also secured LA bloggers, influencers, and super fans to attend an advanced screening of the X-Files in a 400 seat movie theater within The Grove. Attendance exceeded expectations and a second screening almost filled to capacity was added.


  • Over  5000+ posts over the 2 day period
  • 20+ Press and trade hits for the campaign included Access Hollywood, Business Wire, Hollywood Reporter, Access Hollywood, LA Times, and additional top blogger sites.
  • 68MM+ total impressions for the campaign across all social platforms and media outlets.
  • Due to high demand, a second blogger/influencer advance screening was added