Roadies at Firefly Music Festival


To promote Showtime’s new series Roadies, as well as the Showtime Anytime app at Firefly Music Festival.


CR managed multiple Roadies branded takeovers throughout the festival grounds, including a Roadies locker lounge and glamping tents. We also offered added entertainment by hosting the first ever screening event for the new show during the festival pre-party. Over 10,000 guests attended the viewing, where they were treated to Showtime branded concessions and giveaways. To encourage consumers to download the Showtime Anytime app, attendees were also offered exclusive premiums. A VIP ticket upgrade contest was also held in the Showtime Roadies tent as a “surprise and delight” element that added gravitas to the experience.


  • 80,000+ festival goers per day
  • Social Metrics with #SHORoadies from Twitter and Instagram
    • 12,039,135 reach
    • 14,319,065 impressions
  • Over 900 Roadies branded lockers used during the festival, compliments of Showtime
  • 1,372 Showtime Anytime app downloads
  • 1,596 VIP contest entries and approximately 10,000 premiums provided to attendees throughout the course of the festival