Star Trek
Building Star Trek at STMNY


Build awareness of the premiere of Smithsonian Channel’s new documentary Building Star Trek.


To engage the target Building Star Trek audience, CR built a custom booth at Star Trek: Mission New York the weekend of the premiere that focused on the technological advancement featured in the documentary.

During the 3-day convention, an advance screening of the documentary was held, followed by a panel discussion with four featured scientists from the film. On the main convention floor, Smithsonian Channel’s booth engaged attendees with a live 3D printer creating mini phaser guns and short “Trek Talks” on the scientists’ studies related to the original Star Trek series.

To promote the documentary and its presence at Star Trek: Mission New York, CR ran a sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to New York with two VIP tickets to the convention and the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum’s Starfleet Academy Experience.


  • Social Metrics with #BuildingStarTrek from Twitter and Instagram
    • 3,095,066 reach
    • 5,609,565 impressions
  • 61,755 total sweepstakes entries and 13,805 unique entries
  • 814 people attended the documentary screening