TBS & Snickers
Satisfaction Station at SDCC


To create added value for Conan’s official sponsor Snickers, TBS wanted to engage the Comic-Con audience through elements of cosplay by leveraging the Conan brand and the Snickers “non-hero” characters featured in their branded content.


CR built the “TBS and Snickers Satisfaction Station” in the Petco Park Interactive Zone that gave Comic-Con attendees the chance to create their own comic book covers while dressed as Conan SuperHero or one of the Snickers “non-hero” characters.

After choosing their custom costume, consumers took their photo in front of a green screen to superimpose their image onto their comic book cover selection. Attendees instantly received their personalized comic book cover via e-mail to share socially, and were rewarded for their participation upon exiting with Snickers bars and TBS branded sunglasses.

A partnership with Team Coco and TBS also granted consumers the opportunity to fill out a contest entry form with their chance to win a pair of tickets to a taping of Conan.


  • 175,000+ estimated foot traffic in Petco Park Interactive Zone
  • 64,000+ reach with #SatisfactionStation from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • 1,800+ consumers experienced the activation
  • Wait times to enter the space exceeded one hour, making this activation one of the most popular sites in the Interactive Zone